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Coming Soon!

The most common question I’m asked is when will my next book be available! So here’s my lineup of what is next.

  1. Bride by Request: Book 2 in the Brides by Mail series (This book is officially done and will make its appearance very shortly!
  2. Rogue: Book 4 in the Tru Exceptions Series (I’m asked about this one a lot! After the release of the previous book, this one should follow shortly!)
  3. Forever: Book 7 in the Yesterday Series (Yes, I do get a lot of nagging about this one, which is great! After Rogue, this will be the next project!)

Of course also somewhere in there will be Book 3 in the Brides by Mail series an book 2 in my Dog the Dragon children’s book series!


Book List

I currently have 16 books published and available. All are available on Amazon. Some are available on Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and The following is a complete book list, with each title linking to its individual Amazon page. For the descriptions of each book, look under the pages for the Amanda’s Books tab to see the books and their descriptions listed by series.

Tru Exceptions Series

  1. Baggage Claim

  2. Mirage

  3. Point of Origin

Yesterday Series

  1. Yesterday

  2. The Locket

  3. Today

  4. The Choice

  5. Tomorrow

  6. The Promise

Brides by Mail (Written with Cami Wesley)

  1. Bride of Pretense

The Christmas Card Series

  1. The Christmas Card

Individual Titles

The Assumption of Guilt

The Random Acts of Cupid

Secret Santa

The Romance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Children’s (Written as J. Lasterday)

  1. The Dragon’s Escape: Dog the Dragon, book 1

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