Series: Yesterday

Book 7

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense





About the Book:

If you could time travel anywhere and have zero consequences, what would you do?

Noelle McAllister inherited her mother’s ability to time travel, but she didn’t inherit the side effects. She can visit anywhere in the past or future as easily as a snap of the fingers, and there’s only one thing keeping her feet in her current time—her mother’s warnings of what could happen.

But she is not her mother.

Just a few trips through time won’t hurt. She can fix a few minor details and no one will know the difference.

But, when a mysterious man from Hannah’s past come to ask for a simple favor, Noelle’s curiosity wins, setting in motion events that complicate her entire life. With medical school and her mother’s expectations shadowing her, maybe she can vacation for a few hours somewhere Hannah will never follow—the past.


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