The Promise



Series: Yesterday

Book 6

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense




About the Book:

The secrets to changing Hannah’s past, lie in her future.

The terror of being captured by her enemy throws Hannah into the distant future. But it is a future that holds secrets.

As the closely guarded secrets unravel, so does the mystery of Hannah’s life. Now her entire existence hinges on her actions.

With time on her own life running out, Hannah is driven by an obsession to travel back in time to save her husband and family, righting the wrongs from her mistakes. But in order to so do, she must control her time traveling and then somehow save a dead man.

Along the way, Hannah faces life-altering secrets, heart-breaking betrayal, shocking surprises, and a final encounter with a villain intent on destroying her. Can she save herself before time traveling takes its final toll? Though Hannah believes God has a plan for her life, can she trust that the author of time can also use her sin for her ultimate good?

And in the end, can she finally leave time in His hands, even if it doesn’t include her happily ever after?


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