A Cinderella Christmas



Series: The Christmas Card

Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance





About the Book:

A notebook meant to heal one heart, inspires the hearts of many.

After a traumatic accident that was entirely her fault, Emily Jansen struggles with guilt, anxiety, and the desire to prevent others from experiencing something similar. To help work through her issues, she writes in a notebook and prays that God will open her eyes to see those in need.

When Grant Dillon’s wife passed away five years ago, he scaled back his successful journalism career in order to better raise his daughter. Now his boss wants him back in the game, and if he doesn’t produce a prize-winning article soon, he will be out of a job. A chance encounter at a vet’s office leaves him inspired in a way that completely changes his perspective on life. When the mysterious woman leaves, Grant finds a notebook left behind. Knowing that this woman is his story, Grant now must find the woman he knows only by her inspirational writing.

It’s just a simple notebook with a message that could change the world. As its message inspires Grant to act differently, it unknowingly produces a chain that changes lives forever.

Coming full circle, can Emily’s own message truly heal her heart, or will her trauma and uncertain future prevent her from moving on with her life and allowing God to use her pain for good?

Will Grant write his story before his deadline, or will his boss take matters into her own hands? Most importantly, will Grant’s search for the writer of the notebook end with him finding his true Cinderella?


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