Cami Wesley



Amanda & Cami

Meet Cami Wesley!

Cami is my writing partner for our Brides by Mail  series. She also happens to be my sister! As kids, we both read everything in sight and dreamed of being authors. I was finally able to convince her to write a book, but she would only do it on the condition that I wrote it with her! So we did! And along the way, we found out we loved it and are perfect writing partners!

About Cami

Cami Wesley is a book conCami 5noisseur, meaning she’s spent her life voraciously reading and dreaming of writing her own books. Finally
deciding to fulfill her dre
am, Cami wrote her first book, ‘Bride of Pretense,’ with her author sister, Amanda Tru.

Cami grew up in a small Idaho town and struggled with choosing whether to be an artist or a doctor. Of course, those were always the backup plans to bei
ng an author!

Cami is currently the artist in residence and doctor of all owies to three young children. She and her family recently moved  back to her home state of Idaho.





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