The Christmas Card Project

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Last Christmas, another author mentioned something in passing that sparked an idea:

Do you know that, in this day and age, it is often cheaper to send an ebook to someone than a Christmas card?

That question, meant as a marketing idea, got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a book was a Christmas card? What if the book was told in such a way that it was entertaining, yet gave a clear, inspirational Christmas message—like typically found in a Christmas card?

And the idea of The Christmas Card was born. It is the story of a man who, wanting to prove his love to his wonderful philanthropist girlfriend, writes a Christmas card and sends it to everyone he knows. However, he in no way realizes what far-reaching influence it will have. What message could be so powerful to inspire gifts given selflessly, forgiveness offered through pain, and lives forever changed? And in the end, will it be enough to earn the love of the woman he desires?

I wanted to show the far reaching effects of a simple act of kindness and prove the blessing we each have in spreading the love of God. But, even more than that, I wanted to tell a beautiful story.

Unfortunately, when I got the idea for the book, it was too late for the current Christmas season. So instead, The Christmas Card was the first book I wrote in the new year. Though the inspirational romance / Hallmark Hall of Fame quality of it makes it different than anything else I have written, it still has a few of the trademark Amanda Tru twists!

But, I need a little help!

From the beginning, my vision for this book was simple—that it be a Christmas card that people could send to their friends and family. However, I also realize this type of project hasn’t been done before. The greatest book ever written would never sell any copies if no one knew about it!

So I’m asking, especially if you read the book and enjoyed it, that you help me spread the word. As always, great reviews are helpful, but I also encourage you to send the book and its message to those on your Christmas list and share your excitement about it with others.

During the Christmas season, The Christmas Card ebook will be available wherever ebooks are sold, and be priced at 99 cents.

Giving a gift of an ebook is as simple as pushing the “Give as a Gift” button on Amazon and filling in an email address. The paperback, priced as low as I can make it, will also be available on Amazon,, and possibly other retailers if requested. For more specific details, information, and ideas, please visit my website (link below).

If you have any great ideas or opportunities for sharing about the project, please contact me.

For instance, if you know of a pastor who would appreciate sharing or even using the book in a study, please let me know, and I may be able to arrange to have a review copy sent. I’m always thrilled to answer emails, do interviews, and even speak at events, if at all possible.

Finally, I ask for prayer. What I really want most is that the message of this book be told and have the chance to help others, serve God, and bring glory to Him.

I can testify from personal experience of the life-changing blessings of being on both receiving and giving ends of a gift. I want to be that person who serves God by blessing others.

Oh, that The Christmas Card could have other real life testimonies as wonderful as the one portrayed in the story!

On another note…

I will be sending the book out to my personal Christmas card list. My idea is that I will send a corresponding email with my family’s picture card for the ebooks. For print versions I send, I will include the printed picture Christmas card. I will be posting here those pictures and ideas.

If you have questions, ideas, interview requests, or if you need to contact me for other reasons, please email me or connect with me via my facebook page. If you have other marketing ideas or opportunities that you think would be great for this project, let me know!  I would love to know if your group is using the book as a Bible story. Most of all, I would love to know your story of how the book touched you, or any acts of kindness given or received.

I need everyone’s help to make this Christmas Card dream a reality and a success for the glory of God!

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