The Magic of Laughter

We finally made it to the very last book in Year One of the Suamalie Islands series! Heidi Gray McGill brings us the book in the caboose position! To celebrate, we are doing a series of blog posts on a theme Heidi chose, Accmpanying the posts is a giveaway! Here’s Heidi’s question:

In A Deeper Love, Alicia is determined to be a successful business owner, even at the expense of the one thing she desires most—a family. Her father’s best friend helps her stay grounded, usually with a humorous quip. What’s the best dad joke you’ve heard recently that has a family theme?

I’m sorry. I can’t just answer this question with a one-liner and call it good. I need to tell astory!

I have three sons, and my daughter is the caboose of our family. My middle son, Elijah, is a unique guy. He’s very intelligent, serious, and intense. If something is worth doing, it gets his entire focus. He’s also quiet and introverted. He keeps his emotions hidden. He’s not easy to get to know because he doesn’t let just anybody into his circle. But if you’re lucky enough to make it in and get to know the real him, you’re blessed to find a caring, fun, and hilarious person who is intensely loyal.

His unique personality has presented some challenges as he’s grown up. He’s so quiet and reserved, that even the best, most amazing teachers have had difficulty drawing him out of his shell. I’ve received multiple calls from dedicated teachers basically asking for suggestions on how to get to know Elijah better. He’s never struggled academically or socially, but a good teacher desires to connect with her students. Elijah has been blessed to have teachers who have gone the extra mile and make that personal connection with him.

I’ve always given the same advice to anyone wanting to get to know Elijah: Tell him a joke. He has the most amazing, dry, understated sense of humor. He is hilarious. If you can get him to laugh, he just might give you the keys to his inner circle. And it’s worked. Some of his teachers have specifically worked to make that connection, and the result was a great relationship. Elijah was able to relax and be comfortable, and his teachers have gotten to know what an amazing individual he is.

To answer this question, it seemed fitting to ask 14-year-old Elijah for his best dad jokes. And he didn’t disappoint. He’s a dad joke encyclopedia sure to have the hardest hearts rolling in the aisles.

So here is my advice, if you really need to break the ice with someone, give one of these jokes a test drive. Hopefully, you’ll be treated to getting to know someone amazing who will truly make your life better simply by knowing him.


*** Elijah’s top pick:

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

Yes. If you aim it well.


*** In honor of Elijah’s older brother who just finished his golf season:

Why should you take an extra pair of socks when you go golfing?

In case you get a hole in one.


*** Elijah (rather embarrassed), “I’m not sure if this one would be appropriate or not.” Yes, I have to include it because I’m a mom, and he was adorable in the telling of the joke. For those who don’t appreciate potty humor, please skip this one!

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl when he’s in the restroom?

Because the p is silent.


*** Family themed—since that was the original request:

Good moms let you lick the beaters.

Great moms turn them off first.


*** Tis the season:

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Summer wasn’t too bad either.


*** The grand finale. A writer’s joke:

Dad jokes are the best and now I’m gonna write why…



May you all have a great fall. May your inner circle be blessed with beautiful, unique people who both catch your tears and tell you the best jokes.

A Deeper Love by Heidi Gray McGill

What was that movie line about relationships built on intense experiences? Oh, yeah. They never work.

I get paid to do my

dream job, usually by wealthy men who thrive on adventure. But when their adrenaline rush is gone and vacation is over, I’m still here, on

a tropical island, with people who mostly leave me alone. And I like it that way.

Except for this guy. Seriously, Dan is the last man I want to get involved with. If he got Decompression Illness, the doctors would likely call it Mercedes Bends. He’s privileged and entitled and would never leave his city life behind for the challenges of living on a remote island. Which is a total relief, I’m telling you.

Don’t get me wrong—he’s prime shark bait, but I’m not ready to fall deeply in love with someone who won’t stay. There’s no such thing as going “too deep” where spiritual things are concerned. But when it comes to relationships, I’ll stay at the surface and snorkel rather than dive into the depths.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

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