A Few of My Favorite Things (Part 2)

In case you are just tuning in, I’m comprising a list of my not-so-ordinary favorite things. These are things that are unique, maybe a little strange and ridiculous, but when I encounter them, they give me a surge of joy for an almost unexplainable reason.

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And here are the few favorite things that made the cut today!


* A cold glass of water *

I fill up a glass of water from my refrigerator filter, drink it down, and think. “Wow, water is like the best thing ever.” Nearly every time.

* Clean Sheets. *

Never do I change the sheets on my bed and not think, “I love clean sheets!” I wiggle my legs across the smooth coolness and can’t help but smile. Everything may be wrong in the world, but for just a moment, clean sheets are enough!


* Rainbows *

I’ve had a special affinity for rainbows since I was a child. Maybe it’s because, like twilight, rainbows are fleeting, so if I get to see one, I always have a sense of being blessed to do so. Rainbows are also a fascination to me. They change based on your perspective. It is impossible to to catch a rainbow because from whatever position you are, you are looking through the rain at an angle, and your rainbow will look different from someone else’s, even a mile away. I’ve had the experience of driving along to have rainbows change position based on my perspective. If you are fortunate enough to see a rainbow, in some ways, God meant that rainbow for you. Because for that brief moment you are one of the very few people witnessing a sight that can never be repeated in the exact same way. And that is why I love rainbows.


* Scrunchees *

I do realize the ‘80s are over. And for the most part, that is a good thing. But I love my scrunchees. These are the soft elastic hair band that doesn’t hurt your scalp. They look horribly dated, and you cringe to think that sometimes, you actually go into public with your hair curled into a mom bun with one of these. (Notice I said “you.” Because that is absolutely not the sort of thing “I” would do! 😉 )But I still love them. I have long hair that my 1 year old likes to pull and that drives me crazy when I’m sleeping at night, so hello helpful scrunchee that won’t give me a headache! One of my prized possessions is a really ugly one that I have kept from my childhood. But shhhh don’t tell my sisters that I snagged it, or they’ll be totally jealous! I hope I never loose it. While it is still possible to find a few scrunches here and there nowadays, I might have to invent a time machine and go back to about 1988 in order to find a replacement for my special one.

*Note on above picture: Three scrunchees? Seriously, that’s a little much, even for me!


So that’s the list today! Check back in tomorrow for the final few weird things that make my favorites list. If you have any out -of-the-ordinary favorite things, let me know. Yours can’t be more random that mine, or can they?

Until tomorrow, may you enjoy your favorite things and may your day be blessed with rainbows!

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